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The Limit (2022)

The Limit (2022)

Limit is a suspenseful thriller about a cop that goes undercover to hunt down the criminal behind a horrific kidnapping case. Lee Jung Hyun will be starring as So Eun, the police officer who gets involved in the case by taking the place of the kidnapping victims parents. As she fights to chase down the criminal, she finds herself caught up in tense, high-stakes mind games with the kidnapper.

Moon Jung Hee will be playing the role of Hye Jin, a character who has a connection to the kidnapping case, while Jin Seo Yeon will be playing Yeon Joo, a character who puts herself in danger in order to find the kidnapped child.

Choi Duk Moon will be taking on the role of Sung Chan, a detective who works together with So Eun to solve the case, while Park Myung Hoon will be playing Joon Yong, another character with a connection to the incident.

Adapted from the novel "Kiroi Jou" by Nozawa Hisashi ().

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Country: asian movie