Our Dating Sim (Movie) (2023)

Our Dating Sim (Movie) (2023)

School friends Lee Wan and Shin Gi Tae are inseparable school friends who spend every single moment of free time they have together. But Lee Wan has a secret: He has a crush on his best friend and wants their relationship to turn romantic. When he tells Shin Gi Tae how he feels, Gi Tae recoils and Lee Wan runs away to a new life.

Seven years later, Lee Wan who is now an illustrator is called to an interview at a gaming firm that is developing a dating-themed game where he he comes face-to-face with Shin Gi Tae, who is a team leader at the same firm. Now these two former friends must work together, despite the events of seven years ago. But will spending so much time in one anothers company again result in friction or could it reignite old passions?

(Source: Viki, edited by Chun Mo Rionnag)

BL, Business, Game Developer, Romance, School

Year: 2023

Country: Korean