Fights Break Sphere 2 (2023)

Fights Break Sphere 2 (2023)
Synopsis:To win the three-year agreement with Nalan Yanran, the chief disciple of the Cloud Sect, Xiao Yan and Medicine Elder journeyed to the Snake Clan Desert to seek the legendary Heavenly Flamethe Green Lotus Core Flame, in order to enhance their strength. In the Snake Clan Desert, they became unexpectedly involved in the racial conflict between the human race and the snake people. The Snake Clan Queen, Medusa, was in seclusion to advance to the Dou Zong realm, providing Xiao Yan with an opportunity. Xiao Yan, together with Qing Ling and Mu Li, infiltrated the Snake Clan's underground palace. Coincidentally, Medusa fell into demonic possession due to absorbing the Heavenly Flame, allowing Xiao Yan to effortlessly obtain the coveted "Green Lotus Core Flame." Meanwhile, outside the city, a monumental racial war between the human race and the snake people was unfolding. With Xiao Yan's greatly enhanced strength, he thwarted the long-planned conspiracy of the snake people. After some arrangements, Xiao Yan embarked on his journey to the "Jianan Academy."

Drama, Fantasy

Year: 2023

Country: Chinese