Dragon Sword: Ancient Battlefield (2023)

Dragon Sword: Ancient Battlefield (2023)

In order to save Lan Moyi, who possesses one of the ten holy bodies for cultivating immortals but is dying of alienation, Fu Yan resolutely went to the divinely blessed place in the ancient battlefield guarded by the avatar of a master of the true god stage to search for the Godly Flame.

The ancient battlefield is divided into three layers; one layer narrowly beats the other. When he defeats the external guardian beast, Chimo Xuanjiao, and arrives at the entrance, he meets his mortal enemy, who went to the middle four-element polar region to subdue the spirit beast and was injured thousands of years ago, Cangyan Sect Master Cangshi Lingjun.

After the fierce battle, they reconciled and went to the middle four-element polar region together...

(Source: TheMoveDb)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Year: 2023

Country: Chinese